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 Plip van der Engels

Plip van der Engels

I was a victim.

Affected far into adult life.

Deleting my passions and desires.

I was my own shrink.

Too isolated to seek help.


Go to the professionals, I was told they would help.

They gave me some pills.

Lots of pills.

I took them daily.

Only focused on numbing.


I knew it was wrong.


The booze didn't help either.

Nor did the pills.

Zombie was my name.

The mask was the problem.

A thousand interventions and no answer.


But then...

Being free from the pills. 

It was freedom reincarnated.

I had seen how bad it could get.


I found something else.

I found me.

I found expression.


The Cycle of Abuse is a constantly evolving issue which is where our society needs to focus its preventative strategies. Too often we celebrate caging the monsters after the fact, but we fail to learn about their motives and opportunities. Like an escalating staircase, the abuse begins at the bottom and eventually reaches the top before's effects then reappear at the bottom of society, with the victims. Also, this is where victims can become perpetrators too. A sad side effect is that some never report or seek help or even when it is too late to save them, they can become the violators that we despise so much. Once, they were the victim too. No one is ever born evil.


Sugarcoated Horror is about the silence of many victims of domestic abuse. They may feel that they need to show a front in public to hide the horrors they suffered behind closed doors....where even the nicest person outside can become a monster. I feel that the image can also represent the anger and emotions that we feel as victims. For many years, I had a public face of fun and happiness but I was unable to truly open up about what I had experienced. This caused me to be irritable and angry much of the time, which in turn made me struggle to maintain relationships with people once they got close to me. It is a daily battle.

Title: Sugar Coated Horror

Artist: Plip van der Engels

Media: Digital Imaging



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M. Malia Connor

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